Best Gaming Chair Mats for EVERY Floor Type [2021 Edition]

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies for millions and millions of people around the world. Especially after the pandemic, people were forced to be inside of their houses. Gaming was one of the few ways that they could explore different places and beautiful new worlds without any limitations. The sad part about being a gamer is that your floor or carpet gets severely damaged by your long gaming sessions.

So, whether you like your gaming chair is on a carpet or on a hardwood floor, gaming floor mats are something that you REALLY require for that added protection! We’ve gathered a list of the best floor mats for gaming chairs that you can find in the market, let’s get right into the guide!

Best Gaming Chair Mats

Below is our list of the best mats to use for every type of floor. You’ll find that most flooring types are perfectly compatible with any hard-floor designated mat. Carpet is an entirely different beast. Our list contains awesome chair mats that will work beautifully with your gaming chair and whatever flooring you may have in your home or office.

We have selected the mats below based on our own testing as well as the reviews of other gamers. These are high quality chair mats that look great, but also have excellent functionality.


The first set of mats we’re going to focus on are meant primarily for hardwood floors. This means they’re ideal for actual hardwood flooring, laminate, vinyl plank, tile, vinyl, or any other hard-surface flooring type.


This mat from Homek is specifically made for hard floors. It will protect your gaming needs from scratching the floors, while also keeping your chair casters safe from wear and tear. This mat works VERY effectively on any hard surface, and can even function decent enough on any low pile carpet floors. It works great with hard floors rather than carpets because of its rubber backing. The rubber backing holds the floor mat in one place, while also reducing the sound you make as you move your chair around.

HOMEK Gaming Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

The surface is smooth and durable, allowing for less roughness upon use and more reliability from the product. The mat has a total of seven edges, which protects it from curling up and always keeps it straightened up. You can roll it up for a month and throw it in the storage, it will still be straight once you roll it out. Oh, and as a bonus it comes in two beautiful colors, with a REALLY cool looking design to give you that epic gaming feeling!


Unlike the Homek mat, this gaming floormat from GTRacing isn’t designed to be used on any soft surfaces or carpets. You can use it for both gaming and office work, it will still protect your hard floors from scratches and damage all the same! The ideal surfaces to use this on according to the information on their amazon page is for “vinyl, concrete, laminate, and hardwood floors.” This mat comes with a rubber padding underneath to keep it stuck in one place; it is also water resistant so you don’t have to worry about any slipping. The surface is made out of Polyester Fiber, which provides a smooth and soft space to move your chair around in.

Gtracing Gaming Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

The best part about this particular mat is that it was created using a completely eco-friendly process. The materials they use do not have any bpa, odor, and are free from phthalate and other harmful toxins during creation. It also is SUPER durable, which means longer use and lesser waste. You can get this mat in Blue and Red, if you want circular shape instead of rectangular then you have the black and the Shark design to pick from. Note that the Shark design is $10 more expensive than the regular ones.


This hardwood floor gaming mat is absolutely gorgeous to look at. This mat not only has one of the most unique art designs on its surface, but also has the best features such as the rubber padding for extra stickiness to the floor, the noise and curve canceling material it is made out of and the octagonal design which makes it easy to roll and gives it zero crevices on the surface. Areia’s Galaxy Gaming Chair Mat is beautiful, durable and made completely out of natural rubber materials and polyester micro fiber fabric.

Areia’s Galaxy Gaming Chair Mat

This mat is best suited to hardwood floors, and should not be used on carpets, although if the carpet has a thin surface then you can use it to satisfactory levels of work. The beautiful purple, black and white color patterns make this mat a must have for gamers of all shapes and sizes, the aesthetic alone is worth the money!


Pick any out of the MANY designs that Florpad has to offer on their shop for these gaming floor mats. Florpad is not just one of the most reputable companies in this field, but they’re also one of the most heavily collaborated ones. Collaborating with big E-Sports organizations such as Natus Vincere and Penta E-Sports, their products are approved by way more E-Sports organizations. Fnatic, Tempo Storm, NaVi, Penta, MVP, EMonkeyz, INF and many other organizations use their Gaming Chair Mats for their players during competitive matches.

Their floor mats are SUPER high quality too, and they come at acceptable rates. They offer great floor protection, the usual anti-slip padding on the bottom side of the mats and these mats are also water resistant. Not to mention they have added benefits, such as the 2-year guaranteed warranty, the 5 Euro shipping on all European orders and their support being the nicest and most friendly in the world of mats made for gaming chairs.

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Cougar is an incredibly reputable brand in the world of not just gaming and gaming accessories. From their extremely well-made headphones and headsets, to their gaming chairs and desks, they’ve got it all covered. So naturally their floor mats are something of a high-quality product. Just like we’d expect, this floor mat contains some of the most essential requirements for hard floors, such as the rubber padding to prevent any slipping, long lasting, smooth and durable fabric for a silent and reliable experience and the super cool looking Cougar logo plastered on to give you your money’s worth on the brand!

This is totally a hard floor mat, and should only be used on a harder surface, using it on a carpet should be refrained from. Get this beautiful gamer chair mat to make your setup look much cooler and safer!


This next section is dedicated to gamers that have carpet flooring in their gaming space. Carpet is softer and more dense. This typically means it’s much more difficult for the caster wheels on your gaming chair to roll and the chair may dig into the carpet, too. To protect the carpet from damage and restore smooth rolling and usage of your chair, you’ll want to check out our list of the best mats for carpet below.


Cleartex’s COLORTEX line of floor mats for video game chairs are the best option for carpeted floors in any gaming room. This is a medium to low pile floor mat, that comes in a great color and a durable design. This has an ergonomic design which gives it a super smooth space to move your chair freely in. It keeps carpeted floors protected from any and all damage that your chair could cause them such as tearing, creases or spills. If your chair doesn’t have wheels underneath and is a flat surface, this mat will hold it down pretty well and ensure a great gaming session for you.

It comes equipped with functioning gripper systems on the underside of the chair mat, which is layered with ribs or spikes to help secure the mat firmly in place on your carpet, while also not damaging it whatsoever. It comes packed flat, without any rolls whatsoever. It requires no further cleaning on arrival or any procedures to get the proper use out of it, simply take the beautiful pink or blue gaming chair mat out of the box and use it!


This mat was more made for office use but we don’t think there’s a rule that says you can’t use it for your gaming sessions! The OFM ESS carpet floor mat is a simplistic design, which offers satisfactory performance at decent rates. It is designed to prevent your chair from sinking into the carpet itself, and prevent any damage to the carpet flooring overall. The rectangular design makes it easier to slide from one side to the other, and the transparent look that it offers will keep that beautiful carpet of yours showing despite the mat being there for comfort.

This one can be used for medium to thick pile carpet, because of the long grippers and the thick body it has, it is durable and absolutely fits into place on your carpet. This provides for a sturdy, immovable gaming mat that will enhance your gaming performance in every single way. Carpeted floors are the best way to use this mat, it has an ergonomic design meaning it strives for efficiency and comfort over style and aesthetic, which is clear from its low price point and sturdy design!

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This gamer chair mat is everything! When you open this link up you can choose what sort of surface you want the mat for, and choosing the carpeted floor mat is the better option. There’s a ton of variety in hard floor gaming mats anyways, so having a hexagonal mat with grippers instead of spikes it has tire-like design to give it an anti-roll and slip padding. It comes in only one color; Jet Black and it looks extremely pretty.

This six-sided black mat perfect for gaming chairs is so eco friendly that it was certified Gold by GREENGUARD themselves for the lowest emission of gasses during and after production. This is a thick, durable and stylishly sleek mat that will look great with any decent gaming set up. Whether you’re a streamer or just want to get into a gaming session without having to worry about your carpet getting all rustled up, this mat is definitely for you!


Unlike the previous one, this one is completely focused on carpeted surfaces. This chair mat comes in four different thickness levels, you can get one according to the thickness of your carpet. It comes in Economy, Regular, Standard and Premium levels of thickness, from low bile carpets to high bile carpets respectively. This is a milky clear floor mat; it is clear and see through yet it isn’t completely transparent unless you buy the premium quality floor mat.  

It comes in a key shaped design, making rotating your chair a much easier process and giving you a ton of space to move around in. This mat also has a lip around the edges of it so your chair can’t scoot off of the mat accidentally and damage the carpet underneath, they really thought of everything before creating this design, didn’t they!


This is one of the thinnest yet sturdiest video game chair mats out in the market. Floortex are a popular brand in this field and their products are usually of really high quality and trusted for their consumers. This is for medium to low bile carpets for under 4mm thickness.

Floortex Gaming E-Sports Floor Mat

It’s nonagon shape provides you with a sleek anti-curl design, and gives you an ample amount of gliding space while also being compact in size to not over step any bounds.