Pink Bunny Gaming Chair From AutoFull: Is it Too Cute to Pass Up?

One of the most unique and girl-centric gaming accessories to ever exist is the AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair. Decked out in a sweet pink and white color scheme and adorned with the cuteness-overload bunny ears and fluffy white tail… this chair has egirl written all over it. But does the chair itself match the ridiculous cuteness the seat exudes?

AutoFull Pink Bunny Chair Review

Most gamers, male or female, get a gaming chair based on the looks. After all, that’s the primary distinction between a gaming chair and a standard office chair. But, as with anything, it’s important to make sure the overall quality of the item justifies the price no matter how cute or awesome it may look.

Pink Bunny Gaming Chair

That’s why in this review we’re going to go over the details of AutoFull’s insanely adorable pink gamer chair with bunny ears. We’re going to discuss the build quality, features of the chair, comfort, price, and more. So buckle in, because down below you’ll find out if this seat is the right one to compliment your ultra girl-themed gaming setup.


The infamous bunny ear gaming chair rose in popularity due to several Twitch streamers and YouTube female gamer channels have been utilizing the chair while playing their favorite games streaming or recording. The chair comes from a company called AutoFull.

Despite the fact that the chair mostly got popular due to its absurdly cute looks and bunny theme, it’s actually a well-made gaming chair, too. Equipped with a sturdy steel frame, hefty gas lift, and sturdy base – it has all the components to not only look cute, but stand the test of time with superb durability.

The PU leather covering, high density foam seat, armrests, and all are made with quality materials as well. So it not only boasts good looks and comfort, but it’s a chair that’ll keep up with daily use and extended gaming sessions.


Obviously, the features of this chair that stand out the most are it’s pink and white color palette, cute bunny ears that attach to the headrest of the gaming chair, and a fluffy, white bunny tail fixed to the backend of the seat.

Gamer Chair with Bunny Ears

But… when we talk about features of gamer chairs we’re talking the most common aspects. The Autofull pink gaming chair with bunny ears is equipped with a comfortable headrest, a lumbar support pillow to keep your back in check, adjustable seat height, comfortably padded armrests, smooth rolling caster wheels, and multi-stage, locking recline functionality as well.

As far as pink gaming chairs go – it’s pretty well-rounded in looks and features.


If you wanna look cute and feel great doing it – this is definitely an excellent choice of chair! The high density foam coupled with the cushy headrest and lumbar pillows, plus the reclining abilities make this a chair you’re going to love sitting in.

The chair is made for gaming, but it’s also great for relaxing, working at the computer, reading a book, lounging around in, and more. It’s super comfy and super cute – a beautiful combination and an absolute stunner for any girl gamer.

Pink Gaming Chair with Bunny Ears


This chair isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s certainly not overpriced, either. This pink bunny-themed gamer chair is usually available for around $275 to $300 depending on where you get it and if it’s on sale at the time.


This Autofull gaming chair is definitely stylish. The rabbit ears, little tail, and pink coloring make it one of the most girl-focused gamer chairs there is. It looks fantastic and makes for an excellent gift for the aspiring egirl that you know and love.

Final Verdict

While it’s not quite on par with the quality of SecretLab chairs, Mavix gaming chairs, or Nokaxus… the Autofull bunny ear gaming chair is an awesome value. It’s priced right, durable, adorable as can be, and comfortable. It’s the whole package and perfect for girl gamers.

Video Overview

Want to get a quick look at exactly how this pink bunny gaming chair looks in an actual room with a themed gaming setup? Check out the video below to see the chair in all its glory!

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